Foundation “Matta” creates performances at the intersection of theater and dance, in search of a new form of communication for a broad and varied audience. We work on the basis of a social theme, in which the various art forms have a social value as well as an artistic value in their own right.

In addition to performances for the theater, Matta makes “custom-made theater” for festivals and congresses, among other things.
MatGras is the education department of Matta. She offers performances and workshops for all years of education.
The Firma Zorgbehang is an independent theater group under the wings of Matta, who from their experience expertise in the GGZ make performances.
We offer training actors in the field of victim acting. We also take care of the coordination. The actors can be either actors of Matta or the Firma Zorgbehang.
In the context of talent development we also offer support to young makers in developing their own performance.

Matta has her own rehearsal space at Arnhems outside, in Oosterbeek.

Concustic (Publisher)

“Our music conveys an idea, a feeling, an image or a story.
Joy of playing, playability and the love of music are our focus.
We write music for people and the instruments they play.
In the Solidary Publications composers design their own publishing house
and decide what happens with their own music.
We stand up for a new appreciation and a new togetherness.”